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Blackland Collaborative will provide ecological consulting for the design team with an emphasis on increasing the garden's biodiversity as it looks to explore and enhance the garden's current plan and layout. San Antonio has a wonderful selection of native plants to celebrate as the city sits at the confluence of 4 major Texas ecotypes including Blackland Prairie, Edwards Plateau, South Texas Plains, and Post Oak Savannah.

San Antonio Botanical Garden holds a close relationship with both Texas history and its local ecology. SABG recently announced a comprehensive plan for its 38-acre campus to usher in a new chapter that considers the garden’s historical legacy. Reed Hilderbrand serves as lead design for the project, which aims to improve the visitor experience and address conservation needs across the site through restoration efforts and new initiatives. The comprehensive plan will total $8.3 million and will take 10 to 15 years to realize. Over the next year, the will work alongside San Antonio Botanical Garden’s Board of Directors and president and CEO Katherine Trumble to develop the plan further. Blackland Collaborative is serving as the lead ecologist on the team providing site assessment data, collections analysis, conservation strategies, and ecological design strategies. As part of this effort, we are helping the team create a strategy that will allow SABG to further refine the garden so that it is a biodiverse inclusive space for San Antonio’s people and wildlife!